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What Are the Emotional Wellness Benefits of Massage?

When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage? Whether it was last week, last year, or never, it’s time to start incorporating massage therapy into your regular self-care routine! Massage therapy is widely known to help relieve tension and discomfort in the body. But did you know, it can help to relieve the mind of stress and balance your mental health? Let’s dive in to understand what, how and why effective massage therapy techniques can help to benefit emotional wellness for everyone, especially for mothers!

What mental health conditions benefit from massage?

Mental health conditions can be positively supported and managed by effective massage treatment. The spectrum of mental health conditions are vast, but with gentle and specific techniques, massage therapy can greatly help to improve these conditions.

  • Anxiety - Generalized anxiety disorder, as well as acute feelings of anxiousness and worry have been shown to significantly reduce and be managed by effective massage treatment.

  • Depression - Major depressive disorder, as well as occasional feelings of depression, sadness and lack of motivation can improve with regular and effective massage techniques, specifically Swedish massage.

  • Eating disorders - Massage therapy is an incredible therapeutic method for helping those suffering from eating disorders and unhealthy body image. It can help to reconnect them to their bodies, increase body awareness and encourage self-compassion.    

  • Insomnia & sleep disorders - Poor sleep habits and sleep quality can improve from impactful massage techniques that aim to promote relaxation, reduce anxiousness and calm the nervous system.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - Effective massage therapy can help those suffering from PTSD to feel safe, calm and free from anxiety. Anxiety caused by PTSD can often cause increased physiological tension, which can be considerably reduced from gentle massage.

How does massage support overall wellness?

Massage can positively impact so many aspects of a person’s life. And although the idea of massage begins with the impact of human touch, the physical benefits of massage can be far surpassed by the benefits on a person’s mental health. Massage helps to improve overall mental health and well-being in many ways.

  • Balances emotions and mood - Emotional balance and mood regulation are managed by the release of serotonin and dopamine. These important neurotransmitters play an essential role in feeling happy, joy and calm.

  • Boosts quality of sleep - Massage helps to soothe the mind and body of tension and stress. This state of internal peace correlates to a calm nervous system, which ultimately helps to improve sleep quality.

  • Calms nervous system - The nervous system is essentially a communication highway in the body that creates and causes the mind and body to function optimally. Through the power of human touch, massage can help to release tension in the body, which ultimately calms the mind, creating a two-way communication path of calmness.

  • Improves self-acceptance and body image - Through gentle touch and specific tactile techniques, massage therapy enhances a positive relationship between a person’s mind and their body. 

  • Reduces stress - Massage can help an individual’s body and mind to unwind and relax, which ultimately helps in reducing the release of the stress hormone known as cortisol. 

Why is maternal mental health critical?

Well-balanced and stable mental health is essential to a woman’s overall well-being. It’s an understatement to say that becoming a new mom is challenging, particularly in the postpartum period. Throughout the journey of motherhood, a mother’s ability to be the parent she wants to be is greatly impacted by her mental health.

Maternal mental health is important for so many aspects of daily life as a parent:

  • Ability to manage feelings of being overwhelmed - A mother whose mental health is balanced will feel in control of her thoughts, feelings and emotions when it comes to managing self-awareness and control.

  • Bonding - The initial bonding period after giving birth is critical to developing strong and secure attachments. Creating healthy and positive bonding with your children is important for teaching them how to develop strong relationships in their future.

  • Family dynamics - A mother’s mental health greatly impacts her ability to manage the physical and emotional responsibilities of being a parent and creating a positive family environment. 

  • Overall wellness - When a woman’s mind is at peace and balanced, she can function with much more ease with daily life tasks, parenting and self-awareness.

  • Time management - Feeling organized and at ease with the daily life of motherhood plays a huge role in keeping any stress and anxiety down in a household. 

Conclusion: Massage is not just for your body, it is for your mind too!

Stop thinking of booking yourself a massage as a treat! Massage is a therapeutic treatment that can and should be combined with regular chiropractic care, exercise and healthy eating to help balance your nervous system. When your nervous system is calm and free of mental blockages and physical discomforts, your mental health will feel calm, balanced and at peace. So stop making excuses, and go book yourself a massage for your emotional wellness!

Disclaimer: Massage therapy is not intended to replace any medication, counseling or mental health therapy you currently seek or were recommended for by your provider. It is intended as a compliment to other forms of care. Our therapist and/or Dr Padilla also do not have the ability or scope to diagnose or treat any medical condition, including mental health conditions. Please always consult your doctor before changing or stopping your treatment.


H2: Dr. Cristina Padilla Bravo | Mobile Family Chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL 

Dr. Padilla’s practice focuses on expecting mothers, babies, and children, creating a supportive and educational space for women and their families. 

Thrive Family Chiropractic, LLC was founded by Dr Padilla in the fall of 2017 with the idea that Chiropractic care should be convenient and accessible to all, with a focus on facilitating care for families, women during pregnancy and children. Throughout her years of practice, Dr Padilla has seen how challenging it can be for families to incorporate Chiropractic into their lifestyles and make it a priority rather than a luxury. With this thought in mind, Dr Padilla wants to provide the best, most personalized, and individualized Chiropractic care to women during pregnancy and to children of all ages, to help improve their lifestyle, prevent chronic illness and allow them to express their full potential in life, sports, and school.

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